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An Independent Auditing, Accounting, Consultancy & Business Lawyers firm worldwide.


Our Overview:-

Our Vision

ICC’s Vision is that the global Accounting, Auditing &Accountancy profession be recognized as a valued leader in the development of Practices execution of IAS, IFRS, ISA, CMA.

Our Mission

ICC’s Mission is to serve the public interest by: contributing to the development, adoption and   high-quality in Auditing Accounting – tax Accounts, Economic, Financial, managerial& Accounting Consultancy. Training, IFRSE, Feasibility Studies, Designing & Executing Information Systems(IT),beside a high-quality practices by professional Accountants  .


1.   We do our best always to render our clients the service they need, At a level higher than their expectations and at a reasonable fees.

2.   On rendering our services we consider the following:

                  a.         The service should meet the client’s needs and be useful to him.

                  b.         The service should be provided in accordance with professional standards (including independency, objectivity and integrity).

                  c.         The service should be at a standard, exceeds the client’s expectation.

                  d.         The service value to the client should not be less than our fees.

                  e.         Should be rendered in time.

                  f.          Should comply with related rules and regulations.

3.   To achieve these goals we plane our service considering:

                  a.         Avoiding performing unnecessary work.

                  b.         Client’s needs and expectations.

                  c.         Related authorities’ regulations and rules.  

4.   The most important achievements from planning activities are:

                  a.         Avoiding performing unnecessary work which means performing job in less time and reducing our performing cost, quality   andaccordingly being able to render the service to the client at lower fees.

                  b.         Rendering the service in relevant  time.

                  c.         Rendering the service in the form and standard required.

5.   We stay in touch with our clients and work with them as one team so as to render the service they need at the place and time they need.

Subject:  ICC’s  Code of Ethics

 Objective: Convergence with IESBA Code of Ethics

ICC Is Committed to Apply  the CoE to meet IESBA CoE requirements

ICC Implementation of recommendations to support & insure ICC’s staff is committed to apply CoE which is constant with IESBA CoE.

ICC Continue provision of training program for ICC’s staff on the topic of Code of Ethics (COE).

ICC Insure inclusion of update information – especially as relates to new/modified standards.

 ICC Continue monitoring & follow-up  the CoE  to insure it  meet IESBA CoE requirements.

Subject:     Quality Assurance (QA)

Objective:  Continue to Use Best Endeavors to  Apply and Implmeit System of Quality Assurance

    In accordance with the ICC’s a Quality Assurance (QA) review system was established and designed to be performed by the  ICC’s Staff Although (ICC’s  is formally independent), As a first step this may be undertaken through the development of formal communication and education programs to communicate the importance of quality assurance and quality control – including the requirements of International Standards on Auditing(ISA) 220 and International Standards on Quality Control  l (ISQC1) .

 ICC  adopted a continuous training program on ISA 220 for ICC’s Staff ,The program aims to enhance

the quality of audits  through:-

-The general policies and procedures of the auditing office.

-The procedures related with work authorization and use of assistants.

-The elements and polices of Quality Control (the professional requirements, skills & experiences ,distribution of auditing tasks, supervision, acceptance or refusal of clients, monitoring & follow up).

ICC monitoring  the Quality Control &Assurance system as per  for any changes in order to modify plans as needed.

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