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ICCG Intl’s Membership

 To be member in ICCGIntl see the following:-

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I become a member of ICC Group International ?

If you are an International, Independent law, Accounting, Audit,CMA or Management Consulting, or Business Lawyers firm and are regarded as one of the leading firms in your profession in your country, providing excellent client services and high quality standards, then you meet the basic requirements for ICCGIntl  membership.
Please contact ICCGIntl Head Office at to receive general information on ICCG website: .

What are the criteria for admission?

You are an International, Independent law, Accounting, Audit, CMA & Management Consulting, or Business Lawyers Firm.
You are operating at international level
You are recognized locally as leaders in your profession
You are able to demonstrate your proactive approach, absolute integrity and professionalism
If you meet all these requirements and are not yet a member of an association with the same or similar aims as ICCG, we would be pleased to hear from you at .

How much does membership cost?

The membership fee is dependent on the gross domestic product per capita of the country in question (Head Office) and the number of employees.
Interested companies should make themselves known to ICCG Head Office; we will be pleased to calculate your contribution.

As a member, what you should Committed with?

  • Quality Assurance System which relates with the Profession.
  • Apply International Standards, Related Practice Statements and Other Papers Issued by the IAASB.
  • Apply the CoE to meet IESBA CoE requirements.
  • Contribution  with ICCG Activities.

Is there regional exclusivity?

Each ICCGIntl  member firm shall be entitled to regional exclusivity according to the Charter.

What is the task of ICCGIntl Head Office and Regional Management?

ICCGIntl Head Office provides ongoing information and support to member firms.
It is also responsible for the participating ICCG members with its activities

(Training on IFRS, IAS, ISA, CMA. BL, IT, Consultations)and provide issues. Development of ICCG. It ensures the continuous and consistent growth of ICCG.
The Regional Managers are responsible for group management in their respective regions. They implement the decisions taken by the Executive Management and act as points of contact. Furthermore, they monitor network development in their regions.


Are referral fees paid?

There is no referral fee paid to ICCGIntl Head Office.
There is no obligation to pay referral fees between ICCG members. We recommend that each member settles this matter individually with the relevant business partner before beginning any joint work.

How is ICCGIntl different from the other networks?

ICCGIntl is a professionally managed Group Firm. This marks a huge difference from  others  Quality: We understand that the key to a successful network is the careful selection of member firms ,Multidisciplinary approach: ICCGIntl covers a wide range of services due to its unique combination of professions. This enables ICCG member firms to serve their clients better. All of our members benefit from having access to a very wide range of professional services all over the world.
Independence: Each ICCGIntl member firm keeps its independence and its own company name.

How much business will we get from membership?

This depends on various factors. You should not expect to gain more business immediately after signing the ICCG contract. We advise you to be active in the network and make use of the numerous opportunities available. The team at ICCGIntl Head Office supports and fosters cooperation between members and also helps members make contact with each other.

What are the concrete advantages for me?

You will be able to serve your clients better by offering them a combination of global resources, business expertise and local market knowledge.

You will have the opportunity to share technical knowledge, practice management procedures, views, visions and experiences with professionals from all over the world.

You will be connected with a strong brand and benefit from ICCGIntl .

You will receive new business referrals from other  ICCGIntl members.

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