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Our Training    

Training Courses as follow:-

 Training of IFRS, IAS, ISA &CMA

Management and behaviorism Skills

Accounting, Financial and Banking Skills

Engineering and Technical Skills ‎

Computer and Information Technology

Health Administration ‎

Legal Training

Change Management      

Contracts & Tenders      

Problems solutions & decision making skills  

Finance for Non-Financial Staff

Memorandums & legal reporting    

Supervision & Directing Employees     

Project management ( PMP )


Motivation Skills

Report writing

Time Management  

Strategic planning & decision making  

Public Relations

Communication Skills 


 Negotiation Skills & technique                                                                                     

 Human Resources Management


ICC’s CMA Focused on:-

1- Preparing Budgets.

2- implmenting training programes  in Cost &Managerial Accounting(CMA).

3- Designing & Executing Cost & Managerial Information Systems.

4-Prepare A Feasibility Studies for Investement Decisions.

5- Make Studies on Managerial Planing , Contron,Decisions Making&Performance Evaluation(BSC).

6- Cost Auditting.

7-Preparing Codes in CMA according to international Issues.


ICC’s IT aims to create the Foundation to be able to:

1- Manage documents electronically.

2- Using information systems applications in Foundation activities in the planning and follow-up of the production, maintenance, marketing and human resources management.

3- Create and apply decision support systems.

4- The automation of work procedures (e-Governance).

5- Transformation to e-Government.

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