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An Independent Auditing, Accounting, Consultancy & Business Lawyers firm worldwide.




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An Independent Auditing, Accounting, Consultancy &Business Lawyers firm worldwide.

Your Global Advantage

  • ICCGI is more than a traditional Accounting firm that performs audits and provides tax services. We are An International Group, innovative leaders in the field of business consulting, providing our clients with a broad, ever-growing range of business advisory services, with more than 30 years experience.
  • ICCGI supports high-quality practices by professional accountants  and Continue to Use the Best Endeavors to Develop System of Quality Assuranc.
  • ICCGI is including the requirements of International Standards on Auditing(ISA) 220 and International Standards on Quality Control  l (ISQC1) .
  • ICCGI Continue to Use Best Efforts to Maintain Ongoing Process to support  Adopting  and Implementing  IAASB Pronouncements,and will work to Contirbute providing Arabic language translation of ISA standards .
  • ICCGI is Committed to Apply  the CoE to meet IESBA CoE requirements.
  • ICCGI Vision is that the global Accounting, Auditing &Accountancy profession be recognized as a valued leader in the development of Practices execution of IAS, IFRS, ISA, CMA.
  • ICCGI Mission is to serve the public interest by: contributing to the development, adoption and high-quality in Auditing -Accounting – tax Accounts, Economic, Financial, managerial& Accounting Consultancy. Training, IFRSE, Feasibility Studies, Designing & Executing Information Systems(IT),beside a high-quality practices by professional Accountants.
  • ICCGI Work Is to Provide Consultions in   Auditing, Accounting, tax Accounts ,Economic, Financial, managerial& Accounting ,Training, Feasibility Studies, Designing & Executing Information Systems(IT),  Budgets Planning,& Judicial Council-  Expert Witness.
  • ICCGI Industry Specialties:- Banks ,Chemical ,Constructions ,Manufacturing ,Investment, Hotels ,Medical practices, Oil, Tourism, Transport, Education, Non profit organizations.
  •  ICCGI & IFRS :- Design and deliver an IFRS training program for the accountants and auditors.
  • ICCGI Business Lawyer:-An Experianc around 25 seniority years during which the firm has developed a serious expertise in the business,corporate and tax areas.
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